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It's been a very long while since my last post.. much has happened..… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-10-02 16:08
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It's been a very long while since my last post.. much has happened.. =) many of which is.. lost in the mist of time and forgetfulness

It happened something like this.....
*fades into those harpy melodic sounds*

parents went overseas a couple of times
I had a basketball tournament where we lost.. =(
I handed in my Comm Bank assignment late and also spent many.. days looking at it not knowing what to do

hmm... naturally these things all happened.. mainly with my dearest around.. =) then oh!
we went to Alor Setar last week.. or rather I went with her to Alor Setar for some R&R and some family.. =)
I met her side of her family.. rather friendly and informal.. nothing like my parents i guess.. ate a lot too.. lol I look like a blimp now
I also had a RM6 haircut which is like 1.50 usd =)
then wandered around the capital town of Kedah (state)
even attempted to help a tourist who had problems with the handphone.. very slow-paced.. I lazed around.. ate and saw some places like the Prime Minister's former residence...

emm.. We even painted the gates but it wasn't fully completed ... =( and ooo there's this really funky looking house at Taman Golf which is kind of the up-scale area in that town.. a shame that I didn't get a picture of that place...
But there will be other trips.. and other memories =)
slow and quiet, nice food, every chinese there speaks hokkien.. sigh

To get there, we took a bus up north.. Thanks to Joanna who dropped us at the LRT station after class.. Me and Cindy actually finished up our Financial Modelling assignment a day early so that we could leave on Thursday
We only came back on Tuesday just 2 days ago..
Yesterday, my cousin got registered so now he's actually legally married.. hehe
it was rather annoying though cos those people have NO time management whatsoever.. I got there on time and ended up waiting an hour for the other witness (bride's mom) to show up.. stupid cow woman
took a lot of photos and stuff
then we went to KL Tower to have lunch.. it's expensive.. and food was so so.. but everyone had heaps cos well... we didn't want to waste the money

yeap... =)
that's about it really..
in those spaces are times spend with Cindy.. around PJ, around KL.. quiet times.. private times.. so.. yea
that's all folks..
how was your month?
oh.. happy birthday to Nurul and.. someone's bday is coming up as well.. oh no!
hmm.. and i think Olle's bday has passed as well
slipped my mind
sorry man =)
Birthday greetings to.. Sarah Yap as well.. on the 12 of Sept and Heng Wai on the 29th of Sept
I think I noted them.. did i forget anyone? =)
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