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Today I woke up to someone sitting on my bed and conversations being… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-03-24 02:52
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I am feelinggrumpygrumpy
Listening toTension - Our Story
Today I woke up to someone sitting on my bed and conversations being had in my room. My housemate Eric let Nurul in. and they were both trying to convince me that waking up is the better thing to do. I wasn't having any of it though it's not really that easy to sleep when there are ppl talking and someone occasionally ruffles your hair. It destroys the concentration required to sleep. So I finally got up. Took a shower and went out for lunch. I must admit I was very subdued and not talking much. Had to go fetch my cousin for a while since he got lost. Finished lunch then walked about in Daimaru. Me and my cousin sat outside central for about 20 minutes.. Just feeling very drained for some reason. Then decided that it's time to go for the search for his damn things.. He was so unprepared when he came. bleh. I saw Sharon while I was walking about and we talked for a bit. I shan't bore u with details of what I brought my cousin around to do. Suffice to say it entailed a fair bit of walking. When we were done with that, came back to my place and decided against catching a movie cos we were both not really in the mood and it was hot. he slept. I played my dumb computer games and i've actually finished that particular race.. moving on to the next one now =)
Joo Bee was to come over and I called her to ask her about it. Vince then called about dinner and suggested 6.30pm. I knew that Joo Bee was gonna come so I told him 7pm. I then called Joo Bee to ask her where she was and she told me she was en route to see her friends in the city. She said her friends were hungry and that they'll come by at 7 which was not possible cos I was meeting Vince at 7. She told me she'll discuss with her friends about it Then she called me back to tell me that she was coming now and that was at 6.30 pm. It wouldn't have taken her so long but I suspect her friends were eating already then and so she waited. I was not in the best of moods to begin my day with. I guessed I just snapped. She buzzed at 7. I was about to leave already. I told her that I was meeting Vince at 7 and she should have known better. Then she apologised. At that point I must confess I was quite rude about the whole thing. I brusquely introduced everyone and then pretty much stormed off... not before offering to let them in to see the cat because I'd think that would be what their reasons would be.. except Joo Bee that is.. She told me it's okay. She came to see me. But I was at that moment beyond caring. I wonder if it's selfish of me not to even hear her reasons.. hmm.. I guess I shall call and apologise for behaving like such a jackass..
probably too late now.. maybe tomorrow.. =) Must have made a bad impression on her friends.. lol being so rude. But what done is done.. so.. my bad.. *grin*
bad sooj bad.
At that point I stormed off with my cousin to the tramstop to catch a tram to meet vince at the appointed time and place. We had dinner at City BBQ restaurant. I think that's the name. AND we sat right behind this girl whom I think is just SUCH a cutie since I was in Trinity College though I never got to know her name because we had no mutual friends and no classes in common I think.. Today I think she was wearing a violet halter. and a beige skirt with a slit at the side. Her back was facing me so I was just kinda staring at her pale, soft, flawless skin. I think I might just stop right here cos I'm beginning to sound like a stalker.. lol I didn't really stare cos her bf was sitting facing me.. And I recognised him from the one time we played basketball together at Albert Park. She was there too watching.. =) but this was a long long time ago. After dinner we played snooker but it was full and we were on the waiting list for a while. Went to play CS for a while.. lol i know lamer =) I didn't do TOO bad.. =) After snooker everyone went home and I started reading my book and that's about it for my day.. not very long.. not very eventful except for my rudeness and crabbiness.
au revoir ppl =)
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