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Yesterday I saw T3 along with a few people from Terus Jaya as well as… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-07-12 01:30
Subject: (no subject)
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I am feelingshockedshocked
Listening tonothing.. absolutely nothing
Yesterday I saw T3 along with a few people from Terus Jaya as well as my cousin and his gf. The movie was.. so so. effects were incredible.. the chase scenes, fight scenes and one-liners were all there but I felt that it was missing something.. Don't quite know what it is.. =)

Anyway.. Today I caught a movie with Yeok Cheng at 1U to see Twins Effect.. It was hilarious. It made no pretense to be anything other than fluffy fun.. lol seriously a must watch if you just want to laugh and laugh.. keep your eye out for jacky chan.. his bits are funny. =P

But it was after the movies that I had a real SHOCKER
There is this girl from my past (not that I had much to do with her but it's a past as in last time =P)
the last time I saw her/spoke to her was some 6 years ago.. or 5 years ago.. I can't be sure.
I came back from Japan and I saw something at the airport in Japan, and I thought it'd make a good gift (I had a crush on her for quite some time you see)
So I bought her the silver necklace with a crescent pendant i think. I gave it to her.. sometime later at the urging of Fong Chien.
I didn't see her anymore after that.. I was still shy and very much geekier than I am now.. plus she had a bf which I deign to attempt.

So today I saw her with Ying Loon, my high school class mate and damn I was so shocked that I didn't know what to say.. I totally ignored her (I think I'm developing a pattern here, I avoided SY as well when I saw her in the distance) anyway
Big shock.. big big shock

I remember once we went for a dinner.. a big bunch of us at this restaurant in Taman Tun. We had a nice time and she was sparkling that night.. We went to 1U after that and they played pool (up till then I had not played pool before) and she couldn't reach this shot.. hehe. she's about 5' or slightly less and I found it really funny and she got mad and hit me with the cue stick. I can still sort of remember that moment.. lol
but.. anyway
yea.. =)
Today is the beginning of saturday. I wonder if I'll hear from Cindy today.. I think it was today that she was leaving Guam.. or was it sunday.. should be today..
I miss her
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