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of this and that =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-06-27 00:35
Subject: of this and that =)
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let's see..
I don't know what's gotten into me lately.. my posts are now rarer and rarer.. probably due to the level of busy-ness that has risen over the past month..
First there were the exams.. happy to report that I think I won't falter.. =P and it's already over. I took approximately 4 days of before being a coolie again (note for the uninformed, a coolie is one who is a blue collar worker of the lowest level.. those with brains need not apply)
I'm pretty exhausted every day these days..
and I need to get more sleep.. heh
Tomorrow WE are catching a movie.. probably Charlie's ANGELS.. yes I'm a lemming or the pop culture.. so sue me.. 3 ladies prancing about on the big screen and i'm NOT watching it? Preposterous

let's see
Sarah's back, so is wai ying, michele's coming back soon.. Joo Bee ain't coming back though.. neither is nurul..
Eric is back I heard, but vince ain't.. oh well
Cindy's going away soon.. So what does that leave me with.. work and my friends i guess.. WHO MISSES ME? hahaha =) I've been guilty of going missing for quite a fair bit the past couple of months.. "Komen"

on yet another front.. results coming out on the 17th
exciting times I tell you.. =P
ohhh.. and I've just had a haircut nearly a week ago.. let's see
my dad had this to say
"not short enough"
"it's fine"
"so good looking"

guess which one i'm happiest with
hahaha =)

I just came back from futsal, got kicked in the right ankle a couple of times. *ouch*
after the game, we were just sitting there and this bunch of malay people.. (actually more like a lynch mob, only not so rowdy) approached us. Apparently one of them lost his wallet, handphone (stolen) and well.. since THEY are all friends.. no one would steal from their own friends right? so it had to be those lousy bunch of chinese boys.. bleagh
things got a little edgy but they saw the point of not outright accusing us since they were all sitting there before we exited the pitch.. and for something to be stolen from right under their noses... are they blind?!?!?!

anyway.. going up to genting on saturday
whoopee =)
meeting cindy's granma next friday.. double whoopee!! =) what should I call her? lol
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User: vincedaho
Date: 2003-06-29 09:19 (UTC)
Subject: Charlie's Angels
Sigh, I hate flockin aus sometimes. We only get the dman show this coming thursday. Saw the Hulk, now that was one heckuva show. I should start a website about it. lolz.

And check out this comic. ^_^

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