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Pisces in Love February 19-March 20 © 2001 Linda Rankin Pisces is… - It's my life and anything else in between.
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Date: 2003-06-17 11:52
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Pisces in Love
February 19-March 20
© 2001 Linda Rankin

Pisces is the mutable water sign and very much exist in their own universe, tuned into the emotional, receptive qualities of life that most of us cannot see, touch nor feel. In love they are dream filled and romantic, full of enchanted visions and hopeful fantasies. They're eager to share their thoughts and reveries when they feel secure, understood and appreciated. Of all the signs Pisces needs the most encouragement to feel true within themselves and to learn the validity of their own thoughts and needs. They make the most delightful companions and are generally soft, gentle and easy going, especially if they have a role model to look up to within the relationship. This is a delicate balance that Pisces learns to control as they go through life as their projections onto their mate can be helpful if it encourages them to motivate their own lives and resources but can turn into tenacious co-dependency if the Pisces refuses to embrace their own lives, needs and thoughts. They can be confusing creatures never able to define their roles within the relationship and constantly turning to sources outside of the union for definition and explanation. This can slowly erode the bond between the lovers/partners as the partner. A Pisces encouraged to find and embrace their answers within themselves and one who has learned to trust their own thoughts, feelings and perceptions make one of the most loving, sensual and devoted mates their is.

Pisces Sexuality: Pisces sexuality is always wrapped around those inner worlds they exist in and becomes an emotional experience that can take them on voyages into ecstasy and passion. But because they do exist within this world where things are nebulous, mystical and emotion oriented if they are projecting outwards to find validity of what they are seeing and feeling inside rather than combining the experience of the physical intimacy with the thoughts and dreams they can feel disappointed...or saddened. If they've learned to simply using what is inside to inspire their participation in the literal reality based world they can take their lover on their enchanted voyages with them..and create an exciting and enchanting sexual companionship.

The long term story: There is a certain amount of inner strength combined with outer strength that is needed when involved long term with a Pisces, as they must learn to become their own sources of joy, inspiration and answers. A weak mate who goes along with every Piscean whim or fantasy is as destructive as a mate who cannot see the validity of those things they are experiencing internally. One can create a union with no solidity or reality underneath of it and the other can cause the Pisces to further doubt their own truth and inner strength. At the best the Pisces brings to the relationship a touch of all that is universal and mysterious. They are dreamy, poetic and romance filled beings who make life a true sojourn through the world of feelings and passions. At worst they release any semblance of inner belief and become attached to the partner or other form of projection in an attempt to capture outside..what goes on inside.

Positive Traits in Love: Playful, friendly, spontaneous, open minded, caring, devoted, liberal, understanding, tolerant, benevolent.

Negative traits: Erratic, undependable, self oriented, cold, aloof, mean, self centered, unable to commit, judgmental, fickle.

What a Pisces likes:
Romance, Feeling appreciated, Stability, Feeling needed, Mystical settings/enchantment, Being encouraged to dream, Sharing thoughts/dreams, Having their input valued, A role model, Feeling loved

What a Pisces Dislikes:
Feeling vulnerable, Feeling alone/unloved, Having no goals to project towards, Feeling invalidated, Being ignored
Crude/harsh behavior, Noisy scenes/displays, Having no dreams, Having no sense of structure

Pisces Love Keywords:
Mystical, enchanting, emotional, loving, devoted, reverent, creative, confused, depressed, irresponsible, goal-less, lack of motivation or push, co-dependency issues.
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