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That song reminded me of a time some 4 years ago when I was in… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-06-17 00:40
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Listening toKavana - Will You Wait For Me
That song reminded me of a time some 4 years ago when I was in Melbourne. We used that song for our 1st group play. The 'we' consisted of Aaron Ow (Melb U. - Med), Angeline Ho (Melb U - Business), Yap Jo Ee (not sure), Vanessa (not sure either), Julian (not sure) and me... Did a play about AIDS I think.. or at least the theme was someone dying.. Not sure. I suggested the song cos we needed a fitting finale. Julian was gonna be gay and dying of AIDS (cliched, I know) the rest of us were various friends of his.. I think 2 couples? who had a fight and Julian tried to slash his wrist which we accomplished by using a condom filled with red liquid strapped across the wrist and then using a razor on it.. again my idea.. lol.. or was it.. *grin*
used a pan/bucket so that it wouldn't get on the carpet.. worked pretty well.. realistic.. lol
anyway.. just a touch of nostalgia..
I haven't seen or heard from all of these people since after Trinity College. Vanessa I'd see once in a while, Jo Ee I'd see at lucky cup.. Angie, I'd see and maybe have a meal.. Aaron.. don't think we got on too famously.. Julian.. passing acquaintance.
They've probably graduated with the exception of Aaron, but I'm still in uni doing first year sem 2/2nd year sem 1.
Just finished my last paper today.. so I dunno.. heh.. little bit left behind =)
Had a little yumcha with Kelvin Yuen just now and he's gonna be looking for jobs already now..
It's actually already dad's bday now but he's already asleep..

Sunday was Father's day. went to Shangri-la Hotel for lunch at the Japanese restaurant. Dad paid for the entire extended family.. dunno what's gotten into him lately. Friday night before went for dinner at Noble House. 5 tables of 11 each.. Should be around 400-500 per table.. again on him.. but it was his 40th year of working.. sort of to commemorate. He looked happy that day =)
Oh well

Happy Birthday dad. I'll try not to disappoint you anymore. As cyberspace will be my witness.. lol
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