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forgot to post this yesterday As I was returning from sending Cindy… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-06-13 01:04
Subject: (no subject)
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forgot to post this yesterday
As I was returning from sending Cindy back, I saw an accident happen right in front of me.. Even saw the impact and the shatter all in slow-mo for some reason. But anyway, just turned the corner from the traffic lights.. then this car in front of me was.. well in front of me =)
Then this kancil? from the left side of the straight we had just turned into, which was previously stationary then proceeded to start moving to the right inching across the 2 lane road.. all this was really really slow.. the kancil anyway.. and the kancil gave NO indication what so ever.. STUPID.. then the car in front of me.. an Iswara i think began to notice it and up til now, I don't know why didn't he just slow down and let that moron pass.. but inexplicably he didn't, he then stuck as close to the right as he could.. (a divider on the right) and then came contact.. kancil must have noticed him at some point.. but no indication that he saw or any increase of speed (to evade) .. absolutely nothing.. just slowly meandered across like it was its road.. IDIOT.
Anyway.. IMPACT! BOOM! .. kancil went flying back to the left.. quite funny actually.. which I had already taken the precaution to slow down already when I saw the impending impact.. it was a sense of.. OMIGOD, STOP GOING WHERE YOU'RE GOING YOU IDIOT!! and you want to be right next to the driver screaming in his/her ear.. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? luckily it wasn't a head-on impact nor was the speed too fast ( of the iswara) but it was sufficient.. =) I drove over shattered fibreglass and glass.. and went on my merry way.. I didn't stop to look.. no sirree.. I ain't bothered. Just wanted to come home to sleep.. Still bugged me though.. drivers like that seriously.. once should be enough to ban them for life from driving.. it has happened once, will happen again.. *grin*

Business law tomorrow.. there is so much shit to complete.. urgh =)
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