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more astrology! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-05-26 20:17
Subject: more astrology!
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**The first love group consists of the RAT, DRAGON and MONKEY. These three are intense and enthusiastic lovers. They are performance directed and take the initiative. The Rat, Dragon and Monkey are doers in life and in love, and tend towards restlessness. Frustrated when hampered, these three signs are ruled by potent energy and unpredictability.

The Metal element symbolizes clarity, purity and precision. The power of Metal is to delineate and define. Metal element persons create structure, create the surface of matters, and interface with the outside world. This element adds rigidity to an individual sign. Those born into the Metal element are guided by powerful feelings and will seek their goals with unwavering allegiance, chaste & tendency to speak candidly/bluntly. Much strength of will, and fluency of speech characterize those born into the Metal element. Metal is 'set' and determinedly fixed. Metal element persons must learn to compromise, not always insisting on their own way, as they will always have a strong effect on all whom they come into contact with. The Metal element shores-up an individual sign and is not deterred by calamity, hindrance or loss. The Metal element holds in position each individual sign by serving as a foundation and base. Metal element souls prefer to sort out and solve their own problems and do not appreciate interference or unsolicited advice. The Metal element imparts strong monetary instincts to the individual sign, with extra ability to save for a rainy day. The Metal element possesses a fine-tuned intuition regarding finances and speculative investments of all kinds. This is the element of the solitary entrepreneur. The physical organs of Metal are the lungs and the large intestines; its flavor is pungent. Metal's color is White and corresponds to the season of Autumn and dry.

How true.. =)
look at solving own problems.. waint things my way.. chaste and tendency to speak candidly/bluntly.. oh my god.. i'm so easy to read! =)
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