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still here =) handed in my last assignment for this semester TODAY… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-05-17 00:46
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still here =)

handed in my last assignment for this semester TODAY
finished it at 5.30 am
i look every bit the procrastinator.. sunken red rimmed eyes.. vacant stare.. stumbling into things.. oh yeah =)
emm.. I handed my assignment on Tuesday a little late.. I was rushing a little due to.. some em.. things
i skipped my class for that day too just to finish it up.. =) went to college, running all the way printing, stapling, went home and brought cindy as well.. had dinner at home then went to midvalley for a stroll.. =) got the free tix for matrix reloaded courtesy of samsung. had some icy blended drink.. then we went to look at pets.. hehe
there was this trio of all white kittens.. mm.. =) wouldn't mind one.. *grin*
anyhoo. went for a bit of shopping then came back to pj and went for a drink at saji's 5 teh o ais limau. seriously the best i've tasted.

wednesday was the day of the prophet muhammad and so a public holiday.. i went to work then came back.. hmm.. then I went for dinner at simon's kitchen.. food wasn't bad =) been there twice already.. at the rate we're going, probably gonna try everything on the menu! =) it's cheap and good so why not. =)
went back and watched rules of engagement.. i think the first disc then went to pyramid to watch half past dead.. not bad if you're into mindless violence. =) then an ice kacang at gazebo to cap it all off.

thursday.. had lunch with granma for Wesak day.. yet another public holiday =) emm.. vegeratarian was the order of the day. took a while before everything was done. after that, came back and did some bumming around.. lol then All of us went for dinner in klang.. had a huge piece of fish.. steamed fish.. gawd.. =) but it was delicious but still too big.. then went to the pasar malam and then a bit of drinks at saji again. =) Saw Kuok Ching, Sai Leong and one more fella there.. then came back and started work on the assignment .. refer top
skipped law lecture.. then there was confusion about the replacement. but it's all settled now and I don't have a lecture tomorrow either.. yay =)
so it's back to work.. need money
cheers peeps
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