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update on my condition - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-04-04 11:05
Subject: update on my condition
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Feeling better now.. compared to last night.. When I posted, I was stil in the earlier stages but come the night... really got worse.. medication helped some. My fever actually went away during the night but now it's back with semi-vengeance.. My head don't feel sooo fuddy duddy now and I can move around a bit.. Just won't be doing any sports for a while while my body regains its strength
no point stressing myself out then falling sick again.
thanks to those who showed their concern.. I just have a massive flu attack.. not SARS as I feared.. =P
my eye balls kinda feel like leaving the eye socket.. must be the dehydration that's going on.

I've slept so much but my sleep has been the restless kind. I keep drifting in and out of consciousness. Not very pleasant I tell you. A good thing about being at home when you fall sick is that there are people taking care of you.. =)
but then i don't think i was ever this sick in melbourne.. sigh
must be the weather
the food
the everything!
i love the food
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2003-04-04 07:21 (UTC)
Subject: Hmmm
I'm sure the ppl that first contracted SARS must have thought the same way u did, thats untill of course their lungs gave out and stopped working, their bronchi just seized and they collapsed like so much potato mash in a pool of red gravy.

But hey, if u're sure it isn't, more power to u. ^_^
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