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Haven't updated in a while.. anyone miss me? =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-03-19 00:18
Subject: Haven't updated in a while.. anyone miss me? =)
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Thursday class, no basketball due to rain, no soccer due to hungry cindy.. =)
Friday class and basketball
Saturday work then dinner with parents at italian place in ttdi
Sunday refer to this
Monday work and supposed discussion which didn't happen due to group member's complaint.
Tuesday.. met a few people.. John, Leong, Chin Yen, Chen Ren. that's about it i think. Saw this sorta cute chick that I met at the water cooler at the hostel. Saw both my cousins today too.. =)
Was in the car when May San had her first accident.. =) settled it for her with Ah Lun's help and expertise. That woman was rather bitchy about it.. probably PMS-ing due to her impending birth.
Had dinner then discussion with Kong and William. gah.. Kong was an hour late.. John came along as well to discuss with William for another subject. As Kong had not yet read the assignment question, I left to see Cindy.. We went for a drink nearby and the food wasn't half bad... though I think it will be way down on my places to eat.. drinks wise it's alright.
just got home not long ago.. that's it for now..
2 assignments due next week and week after.. eeps.
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