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A bad day. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-03-12 23:33
Subject: A bad day.
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Today.. I got a ride from may san. then had my first lab class.. my tutor for financial modelling looks like she's younger than i am.. but then so did melissa, my chemistry lab instructor while in melbourne uni.. she was sorta cute.. in a geeky kinda way.. lol. anyway.. it was really easy stuff today. then I got out from there and got to waiting for Cindy.. ( what else is new ) she only got to uni at 9.30 and I actually saw her walk past.. but I was just feeling.. tired .. she suggested we meet in the foyer then proceeds to walk past.. She says she didn't get my reply so I guess it's nobody's fault eh? =)
Had something to eat then went for management lecture. It was extermely boring.. so boring that I was nodding off and that isn't good cos I was sitting smack in the middle and I'm not the smallest of persons.. =) I was hungry so we went to get lunch.. skipped about 40 minutes of management lecture to have lunch at the corner shop.
went back then it was off to financial modelling.. sigh another boring class.. I actually fell asleep in this one.. the things thought is quite simple. and I finished reading the lecture notes in record time.. and I actually understood it.sigh.. class ended early.. didn't have anywhere to go. I was just bumming around and I went to the student lounge as well .. also played basketball in the blistering heat with no shoes on. NOW I have blisters..
came back then waited then took the car back to college to play somemore.. 5 blisters notwithstanding. Needless to say... and expected.. I sucked =) I suck at games I reckon.. anything which require good hand and eye coordination I don't do too well. Maybe it's due to the long lay off from basketball as well.. =)
Anyway, I went to see Cindy after all after basketball.. I'm such a weakling.. =) Met her 2 friends Woo Teik and Yoke Fei.. I think I scared them off.. lol they left really soon after I sat down. didn't help that I had a scowl on my face due to the game and the fact that I got socked in the face 3 times today.. fuck..
anyway.. spent some time with Cindy but I don't think it was quality time.. the atmosphere was decidedly.. lacking..

so all in all, a bad day.
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