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where was i.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-03-04 23:50
Subject: where was i..
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ah yes.. i was waiting for a certain sms to come through this morning.. I was rudely awoken at 7 by my alarm.. i had neglected to switch it off.. sigh.. then after that it was the waiting.. I took a cab to college but I was still hot and sticky and all that stuff.. laid in till about 3 ish when KY called and off we went to play mahjong.. a day of mixed fortunes it was..
hmm.. no time to update right now
bed time already! =)
be back with it later
good night!

where was i.. mixed fortunes.. yes we then got KY to send us back.. so that we could meet Afeef to go to midvalley to catch the movie Cradle 2 : The grave. I honestly thought that it was actually cradle TO the grave.. =) silly me.. anyway movie was sold out so we didn't watch it and wandered around a bit before going to get something to eat. We ate someplace in TTDI called Muhibbah and other than the Thai steam fish being superbly sweet, the was no real room for complaint. =) went back to the hostel, then hung out somemore before KY came to pick me up. we were supposed to go play ball but there were only 2 kids playing there so we went to a Pasar Malam instead and had some munchies.. =) he sent me back and I took my shower.. didn't do anything much.. and went to bed.. =)
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