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yet another day - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-02-28 03:37
Subject: yet another day
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today.. I had a boring work day.. hmph.. then dinner was.. okay =) mom cooks alright but sometimes she gets real lazy i feel. I was feeling just a tad nauseous so I didn't eat much. I played nearly the whole 2 hours today.. damn I strained my thigh, I sprained my ankle.. *whine*
After that I went to see YC and caught up with her some.. she seemed a little.. jaded.. and trying a little too hard to smile.. sigh.. poor thing. then those ppl were calling me alot so I went over to see Sook Yee and Hsiang Yang..... and we talked till 3 am.. it was nice sharing things and talking about things.. I don't get to share much things with ppl.. =) me = reclusive steel-trap
covered a lot of topics.. relationships, money, career, future, past, friends.. =)
She's leaving tomorrow so i'll be nearly another year before I see her again.. safe trip Sook Yee dear. oh for some reason Cheng Yau from yesterday asked me if Sook Yee was my gf.. my parents think that every girl that i'm with, i'm dating.. why is it that I give that sort of impression? I brought Ophilia for the Christmas dinner and they still thought that she was even though I told them that she wasn't.. people jump to conclusions too easily.. =) they like to categorise people into neat little labels.. lol.. did I ever mention that HY's sister still has the weird idea that I'm a heartbreaker? =)
hmm.. it's late
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