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tonight? - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-02-26 00:34
Subject: tonight?
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I am feelinghopefulhopeful
Listening toSon By Four - Purest Of Pain (Living w/o You)
Today.. same old same old work.. then. oh I called BS up to check up on her.. she seems i dunno.. worry for her. then later Cindy called me.. and sigh miss her =) oh well.. must be STRONG!
I had dinner with Tricia and CQ at Sam's Kitchen.. they don't like it.. I'm ambivalent.. the fried rice was alright.. the noodles were all gone by the time the 2 got there.. sigh.. I'm always waiting.. =) then.. we went to ss2 the food centre and they had some dessert.. they were gonna order grilled fish but I said why don't I show you where the good stuff is.. lol =) They loved the grilled fish at SHL.. =) and there's pictures too this time. Just have to wait for Tricia to post them then you guys can see what I'm talking about =) I haven't seen that girl in ages.. seems to be still the same.. =) then CQ seems the same too... that's about it for my night.. lots of food.. lots of talking and catching up.. and exchanging funnies =) too bad she's leaving so soon.. oh well =)

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