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with a pinch of jennifer - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-02-25 00:31
Subject: with a pinch of jennifer
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yesterday I had lunch with KY then while waiting for the food, I got a call from of all people Juliet and she was at home and gonna ask me to lunch so I went to get her... she just lived near ss2 so it should have been a quick trip.... BUT girls being girls, she took a while before she got out of the house.. while waiting, I noticed another pretty chick exiting the house. Turns out that's J's younger sister who's my age.. mmm.. =) anyway. we had lunch and she and KY seemed to get along well..
After lunch, sent her home then went home myself to get changed. then had to drop that guy for him to get changed as well.. and we went on our merry way. Almost reached Midvalley, then I remembered.. crap. I left the redemption letter at home.. Cripes! went back all the way again to get it. BS called then.. hmm... it wasn't a good thing.. I wonder how's she's doing.. maybe I should I have called.. I'm a bad friend =P
anyway.. main purpose was to get my supposed prizes then after that I went to look for Cindy's bag.. made a pitstop at the Baskin Robbins kiosk and got me some RumRaisin.. YUM! =)
I went to the Teddy shop cos I remembered it being there but I got it all wrong.. it was actually at Urban & Co. Got it in the end. the girl sales assistants were rather unsure about the whole deal.. lol =)

anyway.. Played mahjong with CS after that.. but had to circle around for a while while he spent quality time with his gf.. we were early.. =) then.. yeah.. we got down to it.. man it took forever! in the end we had to call a time-out or rather ended the proceedings without it going it's natural course because everyone was just going up and down, up and down.. in the end I was the winner.. didn't look like that was gonna happen for most of the game.. =)

Had some fried noodles after that. and I came home while they went to play snooker. I was gnona drop by BS's place to check up on her but she was out.. so got home before 11 even.. lol

Today.. road closure... but we left a tad late so we were in the middle of a snarl.. got to the office at 8.15.. we left at 7.30 i think... I swear I'm getting darker by the day.. damn sun.. I went out with the lorry twice today.. total of 4 engine blocks today.. those things are a killer I swear...

finally talked to baby today.. =) got a call from Tricia.. hehe I'm having dinner with her tomorrow.. on her.. ! =) she is probably cooking so I'll get to sample it.. *crosses fingers* hope I don't get food poisoning.. haha just kidding boo.. =) I have UTTER ABSOLUTE faith in your cooking.. *crosses fingers*

Finally watched the VCD I borrowed about 3 months ago from KY. Legend of Zu.. a lot of fancy shit.. wasted on a 17" screen...
that's all for now.. I wonder where the heck Michele disappeared too.. oh.. the 24th was SY's bday.. as in Su Yin.. HY actually reminded KY to tell me that it was her bday.. It had slipped my mind.. I remembered it last week when it was YC's bday.. =) I sent her an e-card but I guess she isn't gonna be viewing it anytime soon.. oh well
ciao peeps

p.s. I stupidly forgot to close the bold tags.. so my WHOLE post was in bold.. bleh
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