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yeehaw - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-02-16 03:03
Subject: yeehaw
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I am feelinglovedloved
Listening toall i need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend
started out pretty dismally
early morning
in segambut by 7.30
dreary weather.. the whole shebang.
then.. I got some msgs from cindy, called her.. and we talked .. and i felt felt a lot better after that.. sun actually started to shine then.. ( there were clouds earlier ), my earlier fears proved unfounded.. I'm so happy I could hug myself =)
After work, came back then.. Michele! ffk me.. hmph.. so the dinner is now tomorrow rather than today

oh yeah.. before i forget
then i got a grilling for not following procedure and generally being too smart for my own good.. actually it was sound advice and I did want to thank him but.. i didn't =)
got off work then shit.. was around a few places to drop things off... took me an hour to get home.. but i wasn't driving so I dozed.
came back and showered and i was all ready to go then michele told me that she can't make it.. bleh
i had dinner with matt and veron and cindy in the end at this place near taylor's college.
food was cheap and good except for the ltitle fact that it was RAINING!!!!
came to my place to watch football
damnit.. MU lost..
anyway.. we went to watch final destination 2.. that was some fucked up shit =)
a lot of graphic blood and gore.. and some sheer 'taking the piss' at shows.. lol
shocking.. not really all that terrifying
anyway.. went to the mamak behind centrepoint
i must say.. food's good there
should go there more often.

sent everyone home.. i hurried a little cos poor baby was dead on her feet.
anyway.. that's all =)
i'm outta here
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