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part of today - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-02-14 01:54
Subject: part of today
Security: Public
saw a massive accident on the way to football this 4wd was on top of this van, semi on top anyway.. and there was smoke pouring out of the 4wd
naturally the whole world slowed down to watch.. while I was battling to get to the football place
I wrenched my knee somehow.. shit.. bloody hurts to walk.. bleh
I went to Michele's to help her with her assignment for which she will be eternally grateful RIGHT mich? =P
Vince came for a while and used michele's comp but he had to go cos his friends were waiting. I helped Mich with her assignment.. took me 2 hours to do the whole thing.. started to give me a headache already though.. shit =)
anyway.. i'm home now and yea.. looking forward to tomorrow. more time with Cindy.. haha
*hugs myself*
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