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mega long post - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-02-10 01:30
Subject: mega long post
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I can't remember what happened on sunday already.. all this visiting is kinda blurring into one day. wait.. I've retraced and I've pretty much sorted it out

Sunday morning, I went to Cheras with my dad to visit his friend from Teluk Intan who has moved down to KL. we sat there .. they talked.. I watched Andy Lau in concert... sigh.. then we went to eat lunch at a restaurant nearby. Also under the Overseas Restaurant umbrella. finally got back to PJ around 4-ish. I went to visit Sook Yee for a while... ( I had completely forgotten about that =) ), then brought them ( her and Desy ) along to go to Siok Wei's house. I picked up HY on the way as well and off we went. I think I know how to get there now.. heh =) played there for a while. It was just going up and down and in the end, I decided to cut my losses and leave the table. They were quite friendly people though, Siok Wei's relatives.. very big gamblers too.. =) I sent everyone home then.. came back and took a shower then dinner at Green View. met at HK's place first where I learnt the basics of playing Gin. then we went there to eat.. we didn't eat what we ate the night before.. and the fish fillet with noodles was quite nice. After that, I can't really remember where we went. but I think it may have been Heng Wai's place cos we were there a lot during chinese new year.

On Monday, I got up kinda early.. but then I was lazing around until lunch time. I went to my uncle's to eat lunch before rushing to meet them at Jenn Nee's house... oh yeah, I picked BS up as well before heading to Jenn Nee's. HW's directions were rather hazy so I actually didn't find it the first time round, after circling around, I finally found it. was there and people were talking.. I listened.. nothing much just shooting the breeze as they used to call it =) then we went to Zeng Zeng's house and it was quite nice =) and the mom was very hospitable and friendly.. we sat there for more than an hour before leaving.. A bunch of them just wouldn't leave cos they were all med students and they were talking to the mom about the medical field. Finally we got them moving and we went to HY's house after that as it was nearby. sat around for a while before heading to Ban Eu's home.. Ed left us then.. =) understandable I guess.. went to BE's house and played a bit of mahjong.. just some small time stakes.. oh yeah, day before Jimmy played for HK for a while and he was very very very lucky.. damned beginner's luck.. =) he wasn't so lucky today.. hahahahahaha.
We then decided to have dinner at a restaurant nearby but when we got there, it wasn't open.. so after some deliberation, I led the troops to Overseas Restaurant in Amcorp mall.. =) Luckily for me, they recognise me and managed to scrounge up a table for me.. 12 people, not easy to fit plus it was chinese new year.. the place was full.. got a room in the end.. my friends were just a tad impressed.. or so they say.. I did the ordering cos those people left it to me.. and I ordered 7 dishes.. 4 of them had to be changed because they had run out of those foodstuffs already. Heng Wai was just going " I'm so hungry, why is it taking so long " the whole time.. lol =) finally got the food in their bellies and we then went to her place for more festive gambling.. I think during the CNY, I thought a lot of newbies how to play mahjong.. hehe

post the rest later.. lazy
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