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I feel.. special =) and quite tired too.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-01-29 01:14
Subject: I feel.. special =) and quite tired too..
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I am feelingrejuvenatedrejuvenated
the truth will come forth with the power of a thousand suns. I'm not sure who said that but.. yeah that's how I feel right now.. I feel revitalized.. and now that I know what the exact problem is, by golly I'll do something about it.
I swear I can be really pushy at times.. but I guess some good came out of it. I now know what it was that was the biggest stumbling block of all... loss of confidence. I'm very unsure as to how it can be fixed but I'll scour the whole world if I have to.. just so that I know to do the right thing.
A number of people backed out of dinner today so we ended up eating at d'tandoor.. food's sweet.. lol not really spicy at all.. and all the sweetness was just revolting after a while. service is very good though and they're pretty damn courteous.. =) nice for a change..
so it was just left me and Cindy and we ate.. and I persistently asked questions..
After dinner was just driving around when it struck me that I haven't taken her to gohtong Jaya yet.. so up we went =) when we were there, we talked and stuff and I finally got to see those precious rare drops.. I will treasure the memory.. that memory that I was privileged enough to see it. and I'm gonna wait.. no matter that i may yet be denied what I want most but that can't be helped... if it will be, it will be. And if I have any competitors.. I'll simply eliminate them.. muahahaha =) kidding
but yea that's how the story goes now.. =) we're watching a movie with payal tomorrow..
yay =) see more of her.. no offense payal =)
and vince, sorry. I should I told you I wasn't gonna be home anytime soon. It's just that I'm at a critical juncture of my life and I am trying to grab it with both hands. =)
so .. that's it for tonight
I'm happy and I've reaffirmed my feelings.. and my fears are still there.. but that's the beauty of it all right? if you're afraid of not getting it.. when you do get what u want, you'll better appreciate it.
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