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Sometimes I feel that she's doing what she's doing so that I'll be… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-01-27 12:53
Subject: (no subject)
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Sometimes I feel that she's doing what she's doing so that I'll be able to adjust better to the fact that we're not going to be toegether anymore. When she talks about the future and about meeting other people, me and her, I feel a stab of pain. Wish as I might, I can't turn back the clock.. and I won't be able to have her back..
Fact that she's enjoying my company so much now could actually be detrimental to me because she may think that we're better off being just friends.. I worry about that a little, but that can't be right because we were never meant to be just friends.. me and her.. I believe that there's an infinite realm of possibilities between us.. I wonder if she ever saw that though.. =) I realise that I've been too busy ( most of the time ) to cry about this because I've been having a wonderful time in her company.. when she leaves.. I think I'll have more than enough time to cry my eyes out..
She takes great pain to emphasise that we're no longer together. Like when we talk about future things, she'll say it like "if we're still together then" as well. That hurts, hurts bad.. Then again, I said that I'm determined to make her happy so that she can move on without regrets.. =) i wouldn't want her to regret ever meeting me. I owe her that much at least.
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2003-01-27 01:59 (UTC)
Subject: Regrets?
Well, sometimes, u just gotta walk it off. And to me, this sounds like s a sympathy f*ck, without the f*ck. I say ditch the b!tch and off to greener pastures.

I'm sure your friend Michele(as u mentioned) can help u out in that department, and that Noelle sounds like a cutie too. If things don't work out between u two, gimme a call, I got my friends Jack, Jim, Chivas and Uncle Escobar to help u out. ^_^
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2003-01-27 08:32 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Regrets?
who are you?
and i don't really like alcohol
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