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good night past, good morning present - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-01-26 04:26
Subject: good night past, good morning present
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I am feelingmelancholymelancholy
Listening tonothing but the voices in my head
My parents came back from dinner and by that time, my sister had already gone out. I asked BS to come pick me up earlier cos I didn't have a car and she didn't either so ended up waiting. I called BS and I mistook her sister for her.. =) before realising the error of my ways.

So I finally picked BS up and she accompanied me to go get dinner.. I had earlier told my parents that I didn't have an appetite anymore..So off I went to the beef noodle place.. While I was circling around, my cousin suddenly called me and asked me if I was going to eat there.. literally are you going to eat there.. not the name of the place.. it was like he knew where i was! which in fact he did.. he was right behind me.. bleh =) so anyway.. we ate there together. Him, Penny ( his gf ), me and BS was there to be company. I think he must be wondering who BS is.. =) gonna get grilled tomorrow.. hehe. I dropped her home then I went to pick Cindy up for what's to be our last night out together just the 2 of us.. Even if she consented the next time, I wouldn't take her up on the offer because it'll be too much for me to bear..

Picked her up, she looked beautiful as always.. the atmosphere was light-hearted.. contrary to the supposed tension.. I was stuck in Sunway for half an hour while I negotatiated my way out of there.. we eventually ended up at the indomee mamak. Ordered the wrong thing and didn't eat that plate.. the people there were nice enough not to charge us for it..
we talked and talked somemore.. seems like we have more to talk now than before.. =) weird
so after that and a few minor hiccups.. like when she calls me by an endearment.. =)
I decided to take us to Kuala Selangor after that to do something we haven't done before.. and after wasting 1 hour there looking for it, I finally gave up and got something to eat there.. came back and sent her home.. So today I spent more time with her than anytime during the time she's been back.. except for the first day she came back..
I didn't want the night to end, it was a perfect night.. no fights.. just 2 person enjoying each other's company... doesn't matter that one's in love and the other wasn't.. there was still at least mutual affection? But after she got out of the car.. I suffered a bout of 3 heaving sobs before I managed to pull myself together.. During the drive to KS, it took roughly one hour plus each way, the songs I have were not too conducive to me keepin it in because they were songs to describe people in my situation.

Don Henly & Patty Smyth - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton - We've got tonight
and so on and so forth
it was torturous.. to say the least.. oh well

Night has ended.. tomorrow.. is the day I start a new chapter in my life I suppose.. one without a certain someone.. I'll be seeing her though to go shopping with me.. OT couldn't make it tomorrow.. and JB, sorry I just had to see her.. I'll make it up to you somehow.. ok? =)
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Joobs - Tan
User: joobs
Date: 2003-01-25 23:45 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
How are you going to make it up to me?
i think i at least deserve a fucking apology from u. I heard nothing from u.......
But lucky i didn't dwell on it, i'm perfectly happy.. u choose to live your life the way u want.
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