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it's over when the fat lady sings.. my sister is gonna sing anytime now.. hehe - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-01-25 19:33
Subject: it's over when the fat lady sings.. my sister is gonna sing anytime now.. hehe
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I am feelingbouncybouncy
Listening toEdwin McCain - I Could Not Ask For More
okay.. it's a break.. I'd like to think of it as a long break.. we seem to be talking better now that we're not really.. bf/gf and I'm happier than i've been since the new year. other than yesterday =)
so i've been dumped
so she doesn't love me anymore..
it's not the end of the world
there's still other fishes in the sea
and now this recently single fish is also single as well.. =) might as well make a play for her.. hehe
oh wait
shite.. I wonder if Ophilia will be able to make it tomorrow.. cos otherwise, i'll have to say no to cindy
REVENGE!! muahaha
and to my friends.. and the 2 anonymous commentor's on cindy's journal.. leave her alone.. I have an inkling as to who you might be.. so please don't

I haven't talked to her on the phone for so long.. we're actually laughing together
I don't feel like I'm forcing myself.. maybe it hasn't kicked in yet.. hehe.. I actually don't wanna see HY tonight.. he might depress me
but then again, I might just feel like crying later.. who knows
but right now.. there is still a lump in the general area of my heart but I think I can handle it..
JB said this to me, Love is an illusion that plays / messes with your mind.. right now. I'm inclined to agree with that.
Anyway.. the agony's been lifted
I'm feeling hungry.. appetite's back
shit why did i tell my parents that I wasn't gonna eat.. =) I'm glad we had the talk. Although at first it was hard, I think we gradually got into what was how it was supposed to be
so.. stay single!!!!! do u hear me? wonglingping.. *grin*

I am hoping against hope that the adage, if you love someone, let them go, if they were meant to be, then they will come back.. otherwise
my life was enriched by me knowing her. =) I'm so positive now that I think I'm in need of a shrink.. this erratic mood swing will put girls off i reckon.

would it seem out of place it I laughed now? but that might indicate that i've snapped finally.. hehe
btw.. sweetie_111 's friend carmen is a total hottie..
where are all the hot chicks in malaysia
hmm.. i wonder if vivien is still single.. or that chinese chick bei bei.. lol
i've never had a fling before and i'm raring to go actually..
and then there's OT.. she's a sweet girl.. I like sweet girls.. I guess this could be a manifestation of an inborn defence mechanism.. to prove that there ARE people who still wants me.. lol =)
now I have to fear rejection again.. and spend money going after girls damnit.. =P

and this post is far too long as it is.. and michele ditched me at a critical juncture.. i won't forgive her! but if noelle comes.. hmm.. i hope her friends don't read my posts.. or there'll be hell to pay

for the record, i actually don't have any pictures of cindy except for the ones i took just a few days ago.. my special powers were coming into play then.. it'd be ridiculous not to have a few pictures with her.. since I was so in love with her.. I guess that's another thing i'll need to change.. =) take more pictures.. immortalise them.. or I could do what KT does.. everytime he breaks up, he throws out the photos..
Aiwina.. i'm gonna call her too.. *grin*
i sound like a desperate guy now.. someone STOP ME!!!
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User: ulwen
Date: 2003-01-25 07:35 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
arf. I think I'll read this when I have slept within 32 hours
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2003-01-27 00:33 (UTC)
Subject: Tranq guns are useful
I got animal tranquilisers on me, though I'll probably need something bigger for u. Might wanna go with giraffe sized animal tranuilisers...they say the air up there is different. ^_^
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