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worst is over.. for now.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-01-25 00:11
Subject: worst is over.. for now..
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Pursing my lips a lot these days to battle the tide of emotions that threatens to overwhelm me at times.. I called her in the afternoon to see if she wanted to go shopping with me on sunday.. she doesn't think it's such a good idea.. I will just have to find someone to go with me. I just got my bonus so I'm able to purchase some new year clothes...
I worked hard in the morning trying not to think about anything. and it worked to some extent.. but then there was a dearth of things to do lately due to the soon to arrive festive season so I had time to think again.. I wondered about how her night went and if she was enjoying herself.
Previous night, I msged her asking what she was doing and that I couldn't sleep . She watched Tomcats.. this show about guys and sex.. hmm.. not something I want to dwell on.. it's been a while.. sigh. anyway It's a slapstick comedy which is funny. I called her in the afternoon because I was wondering why she said no to the shopping and she told me she felt it wasn't a good idea cos we'll be seeing too much of each other then.. I kinda got lost there but I went along with it. She has no classes now and I have to stay away.. bummer. Have to find someone to go shopping with me on sunday.. hm.. I'll ask around.. and see who's willing.. =) Gonna have a haircut either tomorrow or the day after.. It's gonna be something else.. =)

I mentioned making it enjoyable in a previous post and what that referred to was our time together.. =) I have a habit of inhabiting a world of my own where people understood what I talk about intuitively. Like I said, world of my own.

nothing fancy at work.. got bonus, that's about it. I was more chatty in the afternoon.. mainly because I guess I have gotten over it.. the main depressing parts anyway.. so I should be able to hang on for a while before I start off again. once a week.. that's how long it'll be =) just makes me want to cry when I think about it.. the state that our relationship is in.. sigh
I had dinner with WLP today.. picked her up from pyramid where she was shopping with Aity. dropped Aity home then we went to Amcorp mall.. she's never been there I think. We ate at Kenny Rogers.. I steered clear of relationship talk.. that will come when she's ready.. I will wait.. as I have always done. we walked around a bit.. a bit of window shopping.. she tried on this top, I think it fits her like a glove.. very cute.. but she had trouble taking it off.. lol =) she didn't get the top, but we'll be going back there again she says.. =) I look forward to it.. We went to watsons as well... and i bought a few items.. better not forget it.
Went to Baskin Robbins in Taipan, it's open till 12 on weekends.. nice =) we ate.. we talked.. but I still have this irrational fear! sigh
Veronica was waiting for her so I sent her back.. she thanked me for the nice evening, I didn't know what to say.. I won't be seeing her over the weekend, nor most of next week.. then i won't be seeing her for another 2 weeks since I'm gonna be a distraction if she sees me before her paper on the 14th... So I'm in for a lonely lonely wait.. but I'll keep myself busy.. michele will be coming back.. I could meet up with a number of people I've been neglecting.. =)
Still want to see more of her though but I'll not bother her so much with my petty demands.. she wants time to clear her mind up and decide what our relationship is gonna be.. and here comes Mr. Irrational Fear again.. I need a depressant.. =) like prozac or something.. heh
g'nite =)
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