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To recap what I've been doing Wednesday, had a meeting with the… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-03-15 14:09
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I am feelingpensivepensive
Listening toJessica Simpson Feat. Nick - Where You Are
To recap what I've been doing
Wednesday, had a meeting with the Appeals part of the UPC.. Didn't feel much like going for classes after that due to their rather negative comments. Then I went home to vegetate the whole day while keeping my mobile switched off.. My cousin tracked me down eventually by calling Eric and having him pass the phone to me..
got the letter confirming my worst fears.. There was a post back a month or so where I said I woke up from a nightmare that I got kicked out.. that very same day I received a letter about my suspension... The rest of the day.. basically I went to do thjis questionaire in the hopes of getting paid.. Had lunch with vince, then went to play arcade.. after that drinks from lucky cup.. alot of chicky things.. =) Then he went dvd shopping and I tagged along.. I finally got to watch Josie and the Pussycats.. Rachel Leigh Cook is SOOOOO... the bomb.. *grin* .. After that I came back.. and vegetated somemore.. I finally turned my phone on that day.. Shan came by later to see how I was doing. Mom called to ask for my address.. Apparently my dad was coming and on the way to the airport already... Hsiang Yang called before that and gave me a heads-up about the impending arrival.. And that was about it.. Oh and Joobs called to check up on me since I've been AWOL for some days.. ( AWOL stands for absent without leave, military term ) .. Very nice of joobs =) Daph called Shan and I took the phone off him and talked to her too.. She called a few times yesterday as well ( wednesday ) Oh yeah.. finally got the pictures.. Man I took like 16 just of Ser.. She's SO CUTE i swear.. =) but I may have to give her up soon.. sigh..
Now i.e. TODAY
Dad arrived and after making a call to a potential client who said he was busy today... After that he gave me a lecture for about 2 hours, the difference being this time, I listened for the first time.. Maybe I'm turning into a new leaf.... nah.. =P We went out for lunch and then walked a bit before coming back.. He said he wants to sleep.. cos he didn't sleep on the flight over.. That's about it, in between all that I placed a few calls of my own .. will have more later..
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