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some msgs from her when she was in hongkong - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-01-24 00:59
Subject: some msgs from her when she was in hongkong
Security: Public
These were some of the smses that she sent to me while in HK, I wonder what changed since then

"I know you would go out =) enjoy lar take it as a gods gift. after I'm home I'll make sure you are always within my reach and never out of my sight. muaks"

"Baby has not n never knew she would meet a guy like honey. No 1 I know sayang me like u do. Baby never could take ppl's complaints except yours. You are my everything."

"Oh honey, baby know she will never be able to make this up to you but she is terribly sorrie for being soo far away from you on xmas and newyear. truly sorry."

How things have changed. That's why I wonder. That's why I'm going crazy.. since I have to book a time with her these days..
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