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my missing week - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-01-15 00:49
Subject: my missing week
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A study in short prose today... or maybe not =)

Back to Thursday

I believe it went along the lines of work, see Cindy, then meet YC and we went to this place in ss15 near the Taylors college.. ordered quite a bit of food.. satay was a bit fatty but alright, mee goreng was quite nice.. can't remember if we ordered anything else. then send her home and .. done
oh yeah watched 40 days and nights at Cindy's before meeting YC, that's why we were late.. otherwise we would have gone to Hartamas to eat the allegedly nice maggi goreng.. =)


was supposed to go out for lunch with CSL, CSY and CLK but I went out as part of the delivery team and was late coming back. there's actually a story there as well but i'm a little lazy to type it all out. Met Shirley who's back for a short while, we went to Murni.
details.. Parents went for the sale at 1u for J Card members only.. and dad didn't want to drive so my sister drove them there.. NOW here's the good part.. the estimated time for them to leave that place was smack right in the middle of the show my sister was watching and she expected me to go pick them up and she didn't see anything wrong with that even though she told me that it'd be late if i wanted to go out somemore after sending them home.. talk about.. HEH?
but.. being the dutiful son that i am ( half the time anyway ), i left Cindy at my cousin's place for a while while I went to pick my parents up.. took me half an hour in total and we FINALLY managed to make it to murni. Didn't meet anyone else that night.. talked and caught up with my cousin's life. Apparently she dumped that guy already for a couple of months and work is coming along fine. Also had a haircut.. looks different.. hehe. Anyway was late and mom called.... sigh
so send everyone home.. and that's the end


work then helped my cousin move stuff.. omigod.. urgh.. too much! =) my room there is gonna be small though.. sigh.. barely room for a queen-sized and a cupboard.. hmm..
anyway, I had dinner with Barbara and Joo Bee and Cindy.. A former crush, an ex, and a current.. just lovely.. hahaha. I underestimated the traffic, the stomach ache that I had and the length of time it takes to convert currency.. so I was late by nearly 40 mins.
picked JB up, she was wearing glasses.. odd =) then Barbara up. Cindy said she(B) smiled a lot and a lot prettier in person.. I forgot to bring a camera to take a picture.. I still ahve a few left in the damn camera. have to remember otherwise it'll be another year before I finish it.. or I could just finish it on Cindy.. *grin* anyway..
I had a lot to catch up with Barbara so I may have neglected JB and Cindy a bit.. we went to Gills to eat dinner. Food was quite good.. though I seem to be having a lot of indian food the past week.
So I was just talking to her and catching up, after that we went to 1u to watch a movie, we were early for the next show that I decided on.. My big fat greek wedding! hahaha Hilarious.. simply hilarious.. but I'm getting ahead of myself.

to be continued

continuation typed 16th jan
at 11.28pm

my train of thought was broken because I was interrupted then by my dad demanding that I switch the computer off. We had a talk after that and I'm not sure how things stands on his side but I think it's better now.. maybe.. *wishful thinking*

My big fat greek wedding.. funny funny show.. if you get the chance to watch it, go for it. One of the guys from N Sync is in it as well.. lol =) I didn't know that Greeks thought of themselves as the centre of the civilisation.. funny funny.. hehe

We were wandering about for a bit because we didn't know what to do.. settled on some ice-cream while JB went to smoke. I'm developing a liking for Rum & Raisins.. the attendant there was nice, there wasn't enough left of R&R to make a scoop so I picked a flavour and the topped it off with the rest of the R&R.. nice =) I like RAISINS!!! and the rum isn't too bad.. maybe because the ice-cream is so sweet. YUm!

explored the new wing of 1U. not exactly new but refurbished.. We ended up being a little late for the movie.. hehe but it was all good. There was a little incident during the queue to puchase the drinks.. has to do with kiasu people.. I also saw a bunch of guys from high school whom I'm not close to.. but I can recognise em. Don't think they can recognise me from the glasses and thinner me.. =P damn those pizzas and pastas and my favourite souvlaki.. sigh

dragged them all to SHL after that.. everyone was pretty out of it so I sent everyone home real quick after that.. oh yeah, after I dropped JB home, was leaving her condo, there was this nutcase getting all worked up because someone either highlighted him OR horned him.. think road rage.. and you'll get what I'm getting at. Him and his little kancil and 3 other passengers and the other .. can't remember the other. I was just astounded by that display of stupidity. Front passenger was restraining him, rear passenger got out of the car and pushed him back into the car.. really really dumb


Sook Yee called WAYYYY too early and asked me if i wanted to meet up.. actually come to think of it, it was more like telling me her plans for the day and if i wanted to join in... sorry but shopping with 2 girls.. not my idea of a sunday afternoon.. =) So I went to see Cindy, she was supposed to have a discussion but didn't go or it was cancelled.. I forget. Then I left to have dinner with my parents. We went to selayang to eat dinner. and came back right after. I went to see Cindy and we went to William's for her naan..
we had a talk that night.. to get past the niggling little things that have been bugging us..

Monday was a touch of a hazey.. ( bad engilsh all round here but who cares.. no english nazis here other than yours truly ) I went to see Cindy at night. not sure if we went anywhere.. I think we did.. but I can't be sure..

Tuesday, I went to this nice place to have lunch.. indian food but chinese owner.. =) rather pricey though. but anyway had cendol after that and CSL wasn't feeling too good after that.. lol =)
I wasn't feeling too good myself but for another reason all-together. had a headache that started from the night before till the whole of tuesday so I didn't see Cindy that night.

Wednesday, I went to work as usual, CSL took the day off due to the upset stomach. I went out to lunch with the 2 girls and we had bak kut teh. I seem to be having a lot of that these days but it was all good. I saw Cindy yesterday night but I came back early cos didn't go anywhere after I left her.. I'm supposed to get out of that place by 10pm but I usually push it by leaving past 10.. =) didn't argue.. just snuggled..
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