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Nic came over to see if her remote was compatible with mine or not… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-03-12 04:54
Subject: (no subject)
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I am feelingnot too sure
Listening to3 Doors Down - Be Like That
Nic came over to see if her remote was compatible with mine or not cos she wanted to rent the car space but we don't have the remote COS eric uses it in conjunction with his huge bike which can't be carried normally up one flight of stairs to the regular entrance but requires the full garage door.. I wonder if he feels silly doing it.. guess not.. I'm not sure what he expects from me? Clean the whole house and throw the rubbish all the time? He does live here though he's been pestering my cousin on whether or not he'd want to move here which is kinda stupid since my cousin studies in MBIT which is affiliated to deakin and the campus is on toorak road. or something like that.. anyway by tram it takes an hour just to get here everytime he comes.. it's very impractical but I guess he's too used to getting his own way. When he first came, he told his dad that 1.2k a month would be enough.. I guess you could say that it's enough if all the international calls after charged under a separate account as in it's not factored into the 1.2k, buying anything is also charged separately. He's bought untold number of things for his computer which he bought just 9 months ago.. The components that he have is nearly engouh to construct another computer.. So it gets me thinking.. why bother? too much money to burn? Did I also mention that he has a laptop as well which is also pretty state of the art.. If i had told my dad I required 2 computers, he would have thrown a fit and told me money is hard to earn.. =) I know those lectures by heart. It's not that I don't appreciate it but after hearing it for the 1000th time you tend to space out and actually predict what they're about to say next. Anyway about the monthly living expenses unlike me where I have to do everything that I want to do with my 1.6k. and he gave me shit about being broke then going out to purchase a cell phone for 500 AUD then broke again and bought his precious bike for aNOTHER 500.. i guess broke for some ppl means they tsill have 1-2k left..
Enough griping about eric the pampered youngest son..
BACK to my day, nic was playing with my cat and waving the tassel?? not sure about the spelling about and she swiped at it missing the said tassel and catching her hand instead. Guess what, she's allergic to cats =) the little scratch turned into a full blown hive attack at the site of the scratch. She was sneezing and feeling really itchy so she left in a hurry.. hehe
Supposed to have lunch at 12 with vince but he overslept so pushed it to later. I signed up for the psychology questionaire thingie which pays 150 AUD, I also dropped off the roll of film, should get it by tomorrow and will add more pictures to my homepage then. It was after dropping off the film that I happened upon Vanessa. She is still as bubbly as ever. *grin* after that, found out that my tute for chem is only next week SO.. I gave the old boy a call and had lunch then. Bought my prac manual for 2 bucks.. what's the world coming to when we have to pay money to get the prac manual?!?! Went for my Maths 161 lecture... WHAT a snore.. I was dying there.. and the lecture theatre was soooo stuffy.. Chiang Chiang, wen jie's cousin.. is in my management and maths 161 lecture streams.. what a coincidence.. =) ermm.. after that came back but not before meeting ayeesha on the streets. She was on her way home as well but in the opposite direction. Ayeesha was from Albert house which I stayed at in my first year. Vincent also stayed at that place too.. So did Su Yin, the girl who used to be the light of my life and still is sorta on occasions.. when i reminisce about the happier times that we had..First love die hard.... =) I wonder if she ever reminisce? probably not since she made it emphatically clear that she's forgotten everything that there is that is related to me. times we shared, the special moments, things that she did for me.. *sniffle* Not a time to feel sorry for myself, been doing that a little too much. ANYWAY, I made a slight detour to lucky cup.. I drink too much of that stuff but it was so hot so I felt justified buying the drink.. Came back, Vince came over and I showed him what I've been playing.. I took a nap after that cos I only had 4 hours the night before.. Insomnia kicking in again..
shan called me later, about the cat and a movie called the musketeer.. MAN it was cheesy.. AND very hongkie although it was a movie set in the hrmm.. 18th century I believe.. or the early 19th.. well D'artangan was the hero and blahblah.. the choreographer was from hongkong hence the extremely hongkong feel of the fight-scenes. I guess you could say it's for the caucasian market cos after the crouching tiger, hidden dragon movie, there was a lot of oohs and ahhs cos they've never seen ppl fly around fighting with swords.. way high up in the air.. but this one had more of a jacky chan film. Fast movement, quick moving and use of everyday implements sometimes.. SPOILER AHEAD..
The final fight scene with the villain was straight out of a jacky chan movie.. using ladders hanging on to it and fighting with the free hand.. and jumping around like a monkey to boot.. these are guys wearing those period costumes and heavy boots jumping nimbly like monkeys.. Do they SERIOUSLY expect ppl to believe that?
After that came home. Found puke all over the laundry room floor and also the toilet floor. It was assumed that it was Kuzco's because he looks very listless and not eating again. But then there was a really weird pattern of liquid at Ser's litter box. I assumed it was pee but the more I think about it, it didn't make sense but it would make sense if that was the pattern of puke.. So that means we've got 2 sick kitties here.. haih.. Daph and Shan were here for about an hour worrying about kuz and trying to get him to eat.. he just went into a corner, curled up and went to sleep...
I changed my nick to something in swedish.. I doubt anyone would bother to find out what it means if they don't understand swedish.. hehe I told hsiang yang but I don't think he made the connection yet.. he's pretty slow that way.. *grin* Did I mention that I dyed my hair again? not that anyone notices.. but hey.. it's for fun =)
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Joobs - Tan
User: joobs
Date: 2002-03-12 15:44 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
hey sooj, do u know how to... put pics in the journal???
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