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call me.. =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-01-08 21:15
Subject: call me.. =)
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Listening toA Du [Tian Hei] [06] - Si Ye
Sunday.. after waiting about half an hour, she finally came out.. dearly beloved.. =) lol sounds like something from wedding vows..

"Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today...." hahaha
anyway.. sent her home.. stayed with her for a while before I had to go home, then I brought my sister along and then went to pick Cindy up and we all had dinner together at SHL. then.. sent everyone home.. and that's the end of sunday

work.. menial stuff.. felt like fainting too.. working in very hot sun can bring about heat distress.. WY msged me telling me that she was leaving for melb soon, and asking to meet up, barbara just got back also msged me asking to meet up.. well.. nothing on barbara at this time, but WY at press time is fully booked till she leaves.. so it's a case of why bother with the msg.. annoyed.. maybe gonna delete her number (again) .. I believe i said so before that I felt that we were nothing more than acquaintances, and seems to stand true yet again. oh well =) i'm not gonna bitch about her so much.. cos I think I should move on.. hehe
Cindy had dinner with her ex then she called me on her way back when she was alone and I guess I may have taken it the wrong way since she only called me when she was alone.. that's how I thought about it. I'm selfish that way.. I want her all to myself.. but then.. other people have more of her than I do.. (timewise people TIMEWISE) so because of all that, I didn't end up seeing her.. and we had another disagreement.. already

work and then I had decided that I was gonna see her and take her to Giant because that's what she wanted. and to my surprise, apparently we didn't agree on the fact that I was gonna take her so she msged me to tell me that she was gonna go with afeef.. then have dinner.. I knew that since it was 6.30pm that she left for giant, she would take about an hour to finally step into the door..
plus the eating time.. minimum 2 hours.. and yeah it turned out to be 2 and a half.. so I saw her at 9.30..
when I was done with dinner and shower at 7.30pm.. sigh
went to the mamak and had some drinks with my cousin and his 'friend'. Cindy was really quiet the whole time and I told her later, and we got into a tiff about it.. sigh.. we seem to argue a lot..

worked today.. then went out for lunch with CLK and CSY and also CSL.. then.. worked and worked.. quite hectic day. A lot of things to collect and parcel up.. too much sometimes.. the old adage "when it rains it pours" holds true here too.. =) Every customer have a set time at when they'll call.. and it's usually all at once... lol then it becomes a bit of a madhouse since so many of them are outstation at the moment. anyway.. I won't be meeting WY tonight and am gonna see Cindy.. maybe.. since it's already 9.06. I won't leave past 9.30pm.. she went out to have her dinner at 8 something so we'll see.
ah.. anyway
that's about it for now.. =) hmm.. Vince is in Michele's class and I've decided that her new nickname is bugbear.. muahaha =) yea =)
meeting up with Sook Yee soon too I think, along with Desi.. or however her name is spelt. then there's YC as well.. hmm.. maybe I should meet other people while waiting for my turn at the Cindy ride..
oh well..
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