hey there

A shout out to the void..
clicking on friend's feed now gives be a blank... truly no one updates anymore..
But i'm a sentimental kinda guy and so i keep on paying to upkeep this account
If you see this, thanks for dropping by.

give me a shout if you wanna reconnect on facebook or something.. =)

I am still alive.. =)

On a whim, I logged into my old journal site. Not that I have a new one, just that it has been a little under-utilised judging by the dates of the previous posts.
Things have indeed changed much.
I'm married now with 2 children. One is 2 yo and the other coming up to 1yo.
I was engaged for a while and then it as called off before I met my current wife. I got lucky. =)

Looking at my friend's list.. No one updates anymore.
Gone are them multple posts a day. Nowadays, facebook is the pen of choice I suppose.

About to go on a family holiday. Not really looking forward to the drive but that's the way it is. =)
Business seems to be growing at a snail's pace with further expansions planned this year.
Not quite something I would have envisaged when I was 10 years younger.

Now you will hear my mutter "Kids these days" like I'm some kind of old fart.
Don't really know what to say. But it's good to have this archive for that period of my life. It was pretty lively compared to what it is now.

Take care... =) Not that you'd notice this post.
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it grows!

the gap that is..
my previous post stated that it was nearly 2months since the last post

THIS post is more than 3 months since the last.. =P
Much has happened in the intervening months.

2 cousins are now proud parents of their latest child =)

I've gone for 2 trips. One to Krabi and the other to Manila.. Krabi was a happy trip. Manila was .. memorable.

Went for about 5-6 weddings? caught some movies. American summer is here so all the summer blockbusters are out... whee!! =) Comic book characters are all coming to life. Excellent stuff. Caught up with some movies that I bought too.. Me and kat caught this show called "Love and other Drugs". After getting over the shock of seeing Anne Hathaway's hot body naked over and over, it was actually quite a good movie. Anne Hathaway's character had to deal with 'Early Onset Parkinson's'. Quite an eye-opener.
Other movies seen lately, Green lantern (rofl), Pirates: On Stranger tides (ho-hum), X-Men: First Class (thumbs up), Fast 5 (wheeee). I think there may have been a few more but I've already forgotten them.. hehe

Went outstation with my other salesman.

So many birthdays in the intervening months and many more to come.. =) Happy birthday/belated birthday everyone. I wish you all the best.

To my friend, you're welcome.. =)

Till the next time.

so did you miss me? really? u didn't?


it's already close to 2 months since my last post.
No one wants to hear the same drivel so I gave up complaining... lol
Chinese New Year has come and gone. Valentine's day has come and gone.
Went outstation with my salesman for a week.. That was dreary..

Horng Kang and Jade are now proud parents of a baby boy. Congrats
Meng Yeow and Jee Leen are also now proud parents of a baby boy. Also Congrats =)

Chin Siang and Suet Lee got married sometime in February. Met up with some old old friends during the dinner.. ahh the truant we used to play. Good times.
Foong's nuptials are coming up soon. Next week in fact.. more angpows for me next year! Maybe.. lol

Caught a pretty good show entitled the last 5 years.

Started singing lessons.. Haven't been to Karaoke in over a year though.. probably should plan that sometime..
Not sure what else has happened recently.. Can't quite recall off-hand.
Oh and the t-shirts arrived but I was off with the sizes for some of them.. oh well.
Don't think I'll be repeating that in a hurry.. =)

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woe.. i mean wow..

it's been already been in excess of a month since my last post.

Lots of activities done in that time. =)
There were various festivities..
Christmas, New Year's Day.
other celebrations such as weddings and hmm.. actually only weddings =)
got a birthday also la... chen hoe's but I can't remember if we actually did anything to celebrate.

Christmas-do at Horng Kang and Jade's home. Nice crowd and all. There was a potluck which I partook in.
J,"Eh, you bring drinks can already la."
J,"Nevermind-la.. easier for you also."
Me,"Nevermind. I'll make mushroom soup."
J,"Sure or not? I like mushroom soup wan you know?"
Me,"Sure. Can't be too hard."
HK,"Good to have a soup also. OK set."

I actually took a day off (I had balance days of leave) to do a trial run of the mushroom soup. It was a tad salty but otherwise quite yummy. Spent a bomb buying the stuff but this preparatory trial went quite well. Chopping and all that.

On the day itself, bought all the stuff in the afternoon. Prepared (chopping and dicing) it before going over to HK's place. Ended up going there late and some complaints thrown my way about being late and all that. Cos I still had to cook everything there.
Finally got it all done and it didn't turn out too shabby if i had to say so myself.. heh.. Got some glowing compliments. Don't know if I should have shared that since it's akin to bragging.. lol
Anyway, gift exchange completed the night.

Then a bbq at my house for new year's eve.. Fire took a while to get started. By then it was already quite late. I regretted buying the lamb chop from carrefour.. It was tough to munch on. I just had some lamp from las vacas 3 days ago and it was gorgeous. Tender, juicy.. exactly how it should be like. Will buy from there next time. Then they played Wii and PS3 and general merriment. Saw some fireworks in the distance from the window.. It was nice. =)

On new year's day, had another bunch over. It was supposed to be on boxing day but had to be postponed. This bunch played cardgames. Had my first taste of Monopoly deal. Quite a fun game.

First week of new year.. Can't remember =)
but subsequent weeks were a little.. busy
First there were the 2 wedding dinners of Chen Hoe and Sook Yee. Nice affair. Long-ish sermon, an over-exuberant marriage registrar official.. lol, lots of funny moments in the hotel room for the 2nd. Lots of torture during the 'chip san leong' and the classic line,"oh baby you're so fine, I wanna make you mine.." and it went downhill from there.
I had another wedding dinner in Seremban. An absolute snorefest.

Then came Alvin and Diana's wedding. Church ceremony, 'chip san leong' all everything else all in one day. Ended up with more time than we thought we had.
Had to take 2 days of leave for those Chen Hoe and Alvin.. jokers picked saturday to do the 'chip san leong' =)
Following week was yet another wedding dinner for Kathleen's friend.
so many dinners! argh...
There'll be another 2 more weddings in the next 2 months and another 3 more later in the year.. o.m.g.

Chinese New Year is now upon us. So much eating.. lol
Oh and we celebrated Horng Kang's bday as well one of those days.
I'm in the black so it's good =)

I'm not gonna bore you with the details and you know i'm wont to do.

Happy Chinese New Year and
Happy Valentine's day to the newly married(s) =)

jingle belles =)

It’s already mid-December and we’re on a steady march to the end of the year. As always there’s a slowdown in the economy at large as the large number of pending holidays + people clearing leave contribute to a general lack of zest in business. Attentions are being diverted to other more seasonal things. Lol.

So my birthday has come and gone.
My colleagues bought me a dinner as well. Food was quite yummy. Didn't manage to go for our trip so no other trips happened

There was a wedding dinner in there somewhere,
Congrats to U-Kidd and Phay Wen. And the ‘Chip San Leong’ went well. Wearing female undergarments is no fun and the diaper keeps falling off!

Then there was the Thriller dance. Our months of practice was finally showcased during the dinner. U-Kian actually got overly nervous and totally got himself smashed before we started our routine. No major fumbling so it was all good.

Following weekend, we had to get a video shoot organized. There was a lot of work that had to be done before we could actually take the video so a bit of feverish planning, selection and final decisions were made. Some on the morning of the shoot but most 1-2 days before the shoot.

But overall I think it went well. Thanks to everyone who came and made it possible.
Chen Hoe and Sook Yee, the evil chi muis; Joanna, Jo-Lyn and Annie, the heng tais; Gary, Jay Jee, Ean, Pat, the slightly less evil chi muis; Sharon Kan and Sue Ann, the ‘Team’; Douglas, Alvin Chang, Eu Jin, Ean and Pat (the 2 guys on double duty) everyone else; Monica, Faizal, Shen Yi, Kathleen Choo, Katherine, special appearance by Sharon Ang and Joe. Not forgetting the videographer and her assistant; Grace Tan and Nicholas and a special special assistant, Yih Wen.

It was great fun and yeah.. who knows, maybe there’ll be a prequel or a sequel =)

Then up next was the stag day, a bunch of us went paintballing.. Chen Hoe got all interested after seeing the markers.. haha.. Pat, Alvin Chang, Joanna, Chia Minn, Sally, Horng Kang, Horng Yang, Yew Seng, Chen Hoe, Julian, and me. Most of them were rec-ball virgins so it was quite fun.. *cue evil laugh*

Not many injuries and all in all, lots of fun there.

Then at night there was a joint dinner with the hens @The Hill. I have to say that I'm not impressed with the place at all. And I probably won't go back there.

Ermm.. started going to the gym again and my numbers were pretty bad again.. meh
Various other things have occurred but time elapsed is too great. Can’t remember most of it. However, I do have 2 more meals to collect.. haha

I've seen Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale and one other movie I think.. Rapunzel is a must watch. You get to relive a classic Disney movie all over again. =)

Also caught a Christmas production at DUMC called MadWorld. Good songs/dancing.. story a little unclear.

Have a good one peeps. And if I don’t get the chance to see you before the year ends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

looking back


So had a great weekend
started with a 'surprise' that I nearly missed.
I really don't fancy driving towards the city's direction on a Friday night.. lol

"So is there any other reason besides charbroiled lamb for me to go to Monte's?"
"cos if there isn't, I'm not going there."

Thanks to everyone who showed up. Yes I'm lousy at speeches.. but know that I really appreciate you guys being there =)
Starting from the my right, Shen Yi, Ban Eu, Alrease, OJA, Wei Ing, Prem, Patrick, Nick, Ken, Jay Jee, Sharon, Wen Ching, Jade, Horng Kang, Cindy, Mindy.. and then Cristine and Lai Yee.
Thanks for waiting for us.. I wasn't aware that there were that many ppl waiting la.. hahaha..
It was a great birthday and a very yummy cake that Kat bought from 'Gourmet'

So thank you for coming oh and special thanks to Nick for trying to get me intoxicated. One flaming ain't gonna do it buddy.. =P but it's a yucky drink la.. hahaha.. the one I had in hongkong last time was tastier.

There was a separate surprise on the 15th of Sept which was supposedly to deflect my suspicion about this surprise =)
Then Kath Choo, Pat, Julian, Jay Jee were the ones who gave me the surprise.. I thought there were some hobos hiding out in my house.. hahaha =)
so funny.. so I've already had 2 cakes now.. and 2 wishes.. hehe. yay! Thanks baby. =)
*end edit*

Then Saturday was interesting.. lol .. *ahem*
We caught 'Life as we know it". It's nice. =)
Sunday, we met up with Kelvin Yuen.. haven't seen him in a while..
and then dance practice was at my house. Was supposed to be away for the weekend so I gave them the option of using the old house.

"It's so dusty!", JQ exclaimed.. a but then?
I think we're getting the hang of it.. the dancing that is.

meh.. I realised what else it was that I missed. =)

Kuok Ching and Melissa's wedding

birthday shoutouts to Sook Yee .. little chulet.. or big chulet depending on how you look at it.. =)
Wai Leng

A trip that almost happened.. =)
Eating at Ole-Ole Bali for the first time.. yummy =)
oh and I caught 'RED' with Joa Quim. It's awesome... good show  
already previously mentioned.. lol

i think that's it =)

so short you'll miss it if you blink

Managed to miss a few things in my last update.
I caught 'Pluck' with 9 other individuals.. it was hilarious.. well worth the money spent.
I caught Red last night with JQ.. it was furneee... hehe

what else.. dunno.. stumped again. I don't even know why I started on this post.. lol
Oh yeah JJ's stag thingamabob
then my failed attempt at organising a reunion.. =)
lesson learnt.

i think that's it

long time coming..

wah.. haven't updated in over a month.. didn't even realise
Truth be told, I've been very lazy about the whole thing
but then again I'm happy and contented
and there's nothing much to report

no travelling..

Hsiang Yang came back a couple of times so met up with him
Meng and HK are now expecting =) well and their wives are expecting that is.. they are just along for the ride =)

There was also a wedding dinner. A cousin of mine got married and it was nice
and then there was a family dinner after that and another mooncake festival thing with the other side of the family.

Oh went to catch short and sweet musical. Kathleen Choo's piece was one of the 4 selected. It was good and dare I say that the judges were a little unfair cos she is a newcomer so there's no goodwill there..
The other 3 used the keyboard and powerful singing and etc.. hers was acapella, with one of her members doing a beatbox thing and their dialogue was done in 3rd person with the lines on the floor used to denote space and distance. It was original and very good. But... oh well..

Met a few ppl.. played some boardgames.
Started playing this watered down RPG-styled dungeon crawl called Warhammer Quest. My character is a wardancer which is supposed to be good at cutting up enemies.. but meh my dice rolls are HORRIBLE!

Oh yeah there was a birthday last week.. Pat's now officially 3-0 =)
and a birthday nearly a month earlier.. took my cousin and his wife out for dinner at El Cerdo

Man Utd's been playing like crap.. urmm..
went for my PT's wedding.. =)

I think that's it in the way of updates.. cheers


the short stuff.

Step up 3 movie - awesome. Thanks to JQ for the free movie =) Had a bit of a shock when Karen tracked me down in the gym and told me the movie was at Trop City Mall instead of E @ The Curve.
But I like the movie la.. I secretly wish I have their super dancing powers.. really.

MACC - Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians - excellent
these are some of the videos that they actually put up before the show proper... funny shit =)
Video2 (if you've ever received those e-mails.. you'll totally get this)
little funny ermm.. factoid. One of the ppl that I bought tickets for was Gary.. now Gary is known as the resident 'slut' because he knows just about everyone. But in fact, this time round I was the one bumping into various ppl.. I hope that I'll never get the moniker that he has.. lol
So dinner at Station 1. Then show. Saw Michael there. He was part of Karen's group. Funny how ppl get ppl and then suddenly you know everyone else =)

Z's birthday dinner at Betty's Midwest. Got there late. Damn jam la..  Met a few interesting people. Good porky food.. Thanks to Maureen for asking us along.

Then it was off for my Vietnam trip. Left in the afternoon. Flight was stuck over Ho Chi Minh city for nearly an hour waiting for its turn to land. Bleh.. Getting a cab was funny/annoying but I'll just gloss over that. Met the rest of them at Mai Hotel. But they couldn't wait. Apparently Huey Yee becomes a cannibal when she doesn't get enough food.

I found them at a deli/cafe round the corner having of all things.. a lasagne and a quiche.. come on.. in Vietnam la people.. *rolls eyes* So chit chat a bit then went to dinner. We had dinner at the market at this streetside stall that serves seafood. Tiong Hooi frequents this place so he knows one of the guys well(ish). Had pork skewer, spring rolls, ermm.. I think I'm missing one other dish besides the tamarind crabs.

We went to this rooftop bar/lounge after that and sat down and chat further.. By this point in time, it was well and truly established who the better photographer was.. lol and it was a good thing I only brought my Sony H-9. everyone's camera was truly the 'wows'. My dad's 550D was described as an entry level.. rofl.. =)
needless to say I didn't bother taking many pictures. Left it to them and I'll then steal if when all of it is compiled. =)
Huey Yee has her own website. She'll be posting her pics there. Then I'll get them from Hsiang Yang and Tiong Hooi too. Might take a while since they aren't exactly all around.. =)

It's a funny thing how when we're on holiday, there's a tendency to wake up earlier than when you go to work. We joined a full day tour of the Mekong Delta. Breakfast was at this roadside noodle place. Pretty yummy. I think I had my first cup of Vietnamese coffee with milk that morning. Anyway, lots of pictures taken. So many cute kids running about. And the weather was mostly good. It only rained when we got back to the city. So while we were sitting on the ferry, we'd see a lot of fishing boats with their painted eyes on the prow of the ship. What I found unusual were that instead of the usual 'fierce' eyes painted, these were a little concilliatory of friendly even. It was a 2 hour bus ride to get to the jetty.
There were a few stops. Coconut candy making, lunch, the making of rice paper, traditional songs, honey harvesting. hrmm.. not sure what else.. The pictures will be able to tell me more when I get them.

We had pho after we got back to the city. Pho Hua Pasteur.. It's good and only 38k dong. Lots of bits in there.. well worth it. Nearly finished all the soup as well.. haha
Huey Yee wasn't feeling too good after that (well after another short photo-taking session that is.. ) and she went back. Me and the boys were there for a little while longer before deciding to go for a hair-wash.. They were closed. Sigh. Met with Chin Joo who's there for work for dinner. We went for french food. Ty Soc which is sort of along Pasteur street as well. The owner Phillip really took his time explaining the the menu and the dishes and how it's prepared. I love the potatoes.. hehe. Between the 4 of us. There was duck confit, lobster, steak and pan-seared foie gras... and starters too. Reasonably priced food. Went home after that. We, me and Hsiang Yang stayed with Tiong Hooi who graciously agreed to hosting us at his place.

The next day it was just me, Hsiang Yang and Huey Yee. We went to the Curci tunnels.. not sure about the exact spelling but yeah that's where we went. It was a relic from the time of the Vietnam War. All those tunnels dug for the Vietcong to get around. I tried it but man it's tiny.. Definitely not for someone of my height. We were subjected to some propaganda. You'd think that after 25 years, they'd have been able to come up with a new video.. hehe. Both me and Hsiang Yang managed to try our hands at shooting an AK47 and an M16. Fun!!!
Went for another round of Pho at the same place.. lol. Oh before that, we wanted or rather I wanted to try broken rice but we were given directions to a what appears to be a chicken rice restaurant.. lol. Oh well. Went back to Huey Yee's place to shower and change before heading back to the airport. So it was a short, short trip but it was a fun trip. =)

Yesterday went for another round of skytrex organised by Ken. Truth be told, this one was easier than the Extreme one that I went for the last week. So been a pretty active week. It's fun =)

It's funny how things sometimes don't seem to be yet they are... confusing isn't it?

Birthdays in the past week
Sharon Chen - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! =)
Michele Lean - =)